NOVELTY AE si valoarea investitiei in agrement


On April 6, 2017, Therme Bucharest hosted a new edition of the Aquatica Experience Conference. On this occasion, world leaders in the leisure industry have come together to unveil new business opportunities in a segment that has fast return of investment and long-term growth potential.

Aquatica Experience means leadership in developing creative, efficient and profitable projects in the leisure industry, specializing in amusement parks, aqua parks and entertainment, relaxation and treatment amenities for touristic facilities. Aquatica Experience is a brand developed by associating international players with in-depth experience in the leisure and entertainment industry. The multidisciplinary team provides the necessary skills for the development of integrated projects. Aqua Azur, Polin Waterparks and NOVELTY AE are the 3 partners that, thanks to over 10 years of industry experience transposed into a diverse and internationally renowned portfolio, create customized experiences at international standards.

"The value of investing in leisure" Conference was about the past, present and future in leisure tourism. More specifically, the invited investors (both public and private) who have already discovered the potential of this industry have shared examples of good practice. The representative of the Ministry of Tourism has revealed that the leisure segment is a priority in Romania's development plan. All this helped us to conclude that the leisure industry is one of the most innovative and opportune markets in Romania.