We are a full service company specializing in design, consultancy, field studies and technical expertise. We have managed to bring together a dynamic team of professionals consisting of architects and engineers who share the same values: professionalism, dedication and carefulness for our clients. This is our recipe due to which we’ve succeeded to be present in four countries on two continents: developing major projects in Romania, designing and overseeing investments of 70 million euros in social housing in Algeria, providing architectural services for beneficiaries in Austria and conceiving prized concepts in Germany.

Our work is based on strict procedures, thereby eliminating the unforeseen situations that may arise throughout the design process, in the relationship with the clients or during the investment’s construction. The procedures implemented over time helped us to constantly streamline both the quality-price ratio of our services, and the investments we are involved in. Thus, we became one of the most competitive companies in the design market, and the safest for our customers.

We are ISO 9001 and 14001 certified by TUV AUSTRIA - one of the most successful and innovative companies in the certification, training and inspection sections - proof of the qualitative work we perform.
Our clients benefit from all our expertise, aiming the most effective solution for their needs.

The quality of our work was acknowledged at the most important architecture festival in the world, World Architecture Festival, where we were elected 2015 Finalists and potential winners at 2 categories. The nominees were selected from the 700 participating projects from 48 countries. It is an honor for us and a significant added value for our clients.

Our clients benefit from an effective framework for the investment’s development by offering, in addition to the design services (the company's main activity), design related but interdependent services. Thanks to our partners - experts in consultancy for non-repayable funds, in cost estimates and management, technical expertise and field studies - we are covering a wide range of the undertaken activities while designing and implementing an investment. Thus, we managed, through good coordination and high quality standards, to streamline design and execution costs and eliminate the risk of errors or unexpected costs. We also have the competence, right from the pre-contractual period, to accurately budget the costs of all the services up to the execution phase, thereby providing customers a clear assessment of the process of scheduling their investment.

Architecture - Our team of architects and urban planners is composed of professionals with over 15 years of experience in the field. Thus, we provide the guarantee of high quality projects, of whole documentation, of good specialties coordination and also a fine study regarding the maximum potential of the investment offered by the client’s terrain. The fresh and bold vision is brought by the young architects that complete the team. We are deeply rooted in the construction market through close collaboration with our partners. In this way, we manage to remain abreast with the innovations and provide clear execution details for our projects in regarding the laying. Within each project we are working closely with equipment suppliers for a precise understanding of the construction’s flows. Providing a 100% feasible project with the best solutions, we can ensure efficient work to be performed in future construction. We are actively involved in the investment’s authorization process, in the client’s relationship with the authorities through successfully representing it in the required technical committees and through the preparation of the documentation for the needed permits and agreements.

Supporting Structure - Being an important component in every project of ours, our engineers are constantly seeking for new constructive systems, as to streamline execution and cost. We already have in our portfolio projects with concrete, metal, wood or monolith structures, and also projects where there were provided prefabricated and hybrid structures. In order to ensure that we implement the best solutions, we collaborate with authorized versifiers and teachers from the Construction College and we are also able to offer efficient reinforcement solutions due to our technical experts. Achievements: structural revisions to already completed projects, we’ve managed to reduce material consumption by up to 32% and also to streamline execution by decreasing the allotted time and reducing labor. We’ve designed structures in countries like Algeria, Germany and Austria complying all the local design STASs and regulations.

Heating, electrical and sanitary installations - We’ve managed to form a dynamic and competent team consisting of not only experienced installations specialists but also young and eager to assert engineers. Thus, every installation project is designed and organized so as to meet the highest demands and standards. We are relying on an efficient internal management, customized on each specific project. Achievements: developed projects aimed to optimize energy consumption through green energy sources and also developed photo-voltaic parks.

Costs Management - Being the actual basis of each investment plan, we closely follow the costs during the development of the design process and so we manage to keep under control the execution value by providing pricing options during project development. We also supply our customers with accurate values of investment and cost control levers during the execution. We specialize in fulfilling the requirements of the 28th Government Decision and so our estimates are perfectly folding in The Public Acquisitions Program and thus becoming an effective part of the projects based on obtaining non-repayable funds.

Consulting - The mission of our consultants is finding funding sources in Romanian or foreign institutions (Structural and Cohesion Funds and other EU funding instruments, World Bank, EBRD, ministries). With a success rate of 98% of funded projects from the ones undertaken by us, we favored the achievement of projects having Romanian public institutions, companies or individuals as beneficiaries. We offer our clients comprehensive consulting services: from the financing source identification and preparation of the financing application to implementation and completion of the investment.

Field studies - We support our clients with geodesy, topography and land register studies for our projects. We are managing to expedite and streamline project implementation costs considerably, making also good coordination between the reality on the site and the projects we propose. Using cutting-edge equipment, we make topographic surveys with remarkable accuracy through GPS or Total Station technologies or through electronic levels. We offer our clients cadastral documentation, site and boundaries plans, dismantling/merger documentation and approvals of the Cadastre and Estates Publicity Offices for the specific work.